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Dreamscape Sector Nine-contest by ScruffyLad Dreamscape Sector Nine-contest by ScruffyLad
This is a contest entry for (Contest: use lots of random generators! :) )

Generators used:
- Story Generator
- Lost Civilization Generator
- General Person Generator (twice)
- Magical Knight Generator
- Sword Generator

(I think I may have used the B-movie title generator too, but I don't remember if I used one of the results, or was just inspired to create my own cheesy title. )

This was actually pretty hard. You get some results in the generation that you like, and some that you don't. But that's the challenge, I guess. :)

Quick overview:
Story - The story is about a psychologist who is in love with a ranger, and it takes place in an intergalactic federation. Cybernetics and its effect on politics is part of the story.

Lost Civ - A benevolent inner system plutocracy with advanced extra-dimensional science. It was destroyed by its own robotic creations caused by immorality, and left behind only robots and temples.

General Person 1 - Girl puts you in mind of a mysterious shadow, has droopy brown eyes, an upturned nose, and fine, wavy, chestnut hair which is long and worn in an elegant, severe style. She is short and busty, with tan skin. Her wardrobe is businesslike, elegant, and has a lot of white. (This is the psychologist.)

General Person 2 - Wordy woman with beige, almond-shaped eyes, a thin build, and hollow cheeks. She has thick, curly, black hair which is very short, and worn in a weird, artistic style. Her skin is white. Her wardrobe is professional, and mostly black. (A robot? A cyborg? Who can tell? The lost civilization strikes again!)

Magical Knight - Calm magic knight with droopy red eyes, medium-length, straight, fine yellow hair in a utilitarian style. He has an overmuscled build. His animal powers are invoked by strange little monsters. (I decided to leave these out. :) ) His military style uniform is no-nonsense, and green and yellow.

Sword Generator - Blue serrated blade, copper leather on the grip.
DragonScholar Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2007
Posting it tonight!
ScruffyLad Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool beans. :)
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March 15, 2007
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